Outstanding Program Development

Dennis L. Nelson

Project WET and the Watercourse
Bozeman, Montana
Dennis Nelson has focused his career on providing formal and informal educators with diverse, creative, and engaging teaching resources, instructional opportunities, and networking services.

Bruce G. Mountain

Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
Des Moines, Iowa
As Lands Projects Director of the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, Bruce Mountain has helped arrange real estate transactions that have resulted in the restoration of more than 14,265 acres of wetlands.

Julie Anderson

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Austin, Texas
When Julie Anderson was hired as the State Wetlands Planner by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, she faced an almost insurmountable task in this large, diverse state.

Cheryl Miller

National Audubon Society
St. Paul, Minnesota
Cheryl Miller is the Minnesota Wetlands Director for the National Audubon Society.

Laura Lenzen

Nebraska Department of Roads
Lincoln, Nebraska
Laura Lenzen is a self-taught professional who began her career with the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) as a typist and worked her way up to wetlands engineer.

Hillrie Quin, Jr., and Jerry McCollum

The Conservation Fund and Georgia Wildlife Federation
Atlanta and Madison, Georgia
Hillrie Quin, Jr., and Jerry McCollum have spearheaded a wetlands and river preservation movement in Georgia.

Donald M. Reed

Southeast Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
Waukesha, Wisconsin
As Chief Biologist of the Natural Resources Planning and Management Division for the Southeast Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, Donald M. Reed has been a major force in environmental planning for wetlands protection in Wisconsin.

Jackie Sartoris and Don Witherill

Maine State Planning Office and Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Augusta, Maine
Jackie Sartoris and Donald Witherill have worked diligently to increase protection of Maine’s wetlands.

Steven Young

Missouri Department of Conservation
Jefferson City, Missouri
Steve Young has 20 years of experience in wetland development and management with the Missouri Department of Conservation.

David Ramsey

Friends of the Chicago River
Chicago, Illinois
As a Project Director of the Chicago Rivers Project at Friends of the Chicago River, David Ramsay worked with a coalition of neighborhood groups, school districts, federal agencies, and state and local governments to establish two model wetlands projects.