Dee Arntz
National Audubon Society Wetlands Campaign
Seattle, Washington

Dee Arntz co-founded the Washington Wetlands Network (Wetnet) in 1990 to link and support people and organizations working to protect wetlands. Dee acquired $400,000 in grants for the establishment of Wetnet, hired staff, and developed (with King County, Washington, and Adopt-a-Beach) the Watershed-Community Link, a model citizen science volunteer monitoring program. Under her leadership, Wetnet trained more than 1,000 citizens and local government officials in protecting wetlands, and it created a database to study local wetland protection.

Dee was instrumental in the 1996 formation of the National Audubon Society’s Wetlands Campaign, a grassroots program to empower community-based wetland conservation. In 1997, Dee developed a circuit rider pilot program for the campaign. In the last two years, she has met with 50 Audubon chapters in 15 states to help advance local wetlands protection, restoration, and stewardship projects.

While building Wetnet, Dee continued in her professional capacity as a community development program administrator for King County and other Puget Sound local governments. She also served on the boards of the Seattle Audubon Society, the Nisqually Delta Association, and the Washington Environmental Council. In 1995, she earned a Certificate in Wetlands Science and Management from the University of Washington.

— Naki Stevens, National Audubon Society Wetlands Campaign, Seattle, Washington