Doug Norris
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Doug Norris has been at the forefront of wetlands protection and conservation in Minnesota for over 20 years. Although Minnesota’s multiple state agencies make it one of the more complicated wetland programs in the country, the state has been a national wetland leader for years. Teamwork has been key to the state's success and that has flourished under Doug's low-key leadership. As Wetlands Program Coordinator for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Doug has been a tireless advocate for wetlands in Minnesota, championing their protection through regulation, monitoring, mapping, and restoration. Doug has done this by working effectively with a variety of stakeholders, including government agencies, scientists, and the public, to resolve challenging wetland issues. He routinely provides input on state and national wetland policy issues, providing thoughtful comments and insights. Doug is also an important participant in the wetlands community, acting as a leader and mentor to wetlands professionals working at the local, state, and national levels.