Land Stewardship and Development

Kimberly de Castro

Private Landowner
San Jose, New Mexico
Kimberly de Castro, a small business owner, has taken a 50-acre severely abused property and begun slowly but surely healing it.

James P. Siepmann

Siepmann Realty Corporation
Waukesha, Wisconsin
James P. Siepmann is a land developer who specializes in developing open space communities that allow for new homes yet preserve the rural character of each site through protection of environmentally sensitive areas.

Brien O’Connor Dunn

Fennessey Ranch
Bayside, Texas
Brien O’Connor Dunn is the owner and operator of the Fennessey Ranch in Refugio County, Texas.

J.B. (Bunker) Sands

Rosewood Ranches
Dallas, Texas
For the past 15 years, Bunker Sands has directed the restoration of more than 1,600 acres of wetlands on Rosewood Ranches, a working cattle ranch.

Don and Debbi Koeberlein

Tolono, Illinois
Don and Debbi Koeberlein have demonstrated their outstanding dedication to the protection of wetlands through several wetland restoration projects they have completed on their property and by encouraging other farmers to participate in similar activities.

Sam and Vicki Sebastiani

Viansa Winery
Sonoma, California
When the Sebastianis purchased property in southern Sonoma County as a site for their proposed Viansa Winery, they wanted not only to produce superior varietal wines but to leave the Earth in as good or better condition than they found it.

Dennis and Jeanie Fagerland

Langford, South Dakota
For 20 years, the Fagerlands have been farming on top of the Prairie Coteau, a geological formation left by the last glacier 10,000 years ago.

Bill McHenry

Lead Instructor, International Union of Operating Engineers, Job Corps
Sacramento, California
Bill McHenry, award winner in the Land Stewardship and Development category, came to the Sacramento Job Corps in 1981.

Dr. Thomas Dick

Veterinarian and Naturalist
Johnston, Pennsylvania
Dr. Thomas Dick is an award winner both for his dedication to the restoration of wetlands on his property and for his role in making the wetlands restoration program in Pennsylvania one of the most successful in the nation.