Private Sector

Randy Riviere

Wildlife Biologist, Tri Valley Growers
Los Banos, California
Randy Riviereis the wildlife biologist and production manager at Tri Valley Growers (TVG) Volta Plant in Los Banos, California.

Ray McCormick

Vincennes, Indiana
Mr. Ray McCormick's ethical land stewardship led his farm to become a national model for natural resource conservation and resulted in his support for the Pakota River National Wildlife Refuge.

David Clabo

District Landfill Manager, Browning-Ferris Industries
Memphis, Tennessee
David Clabo has made wetlands creation and restoration an integral part of a job many would not readily associate with conservation.

John Walter

Conservation Editor, Successful Farming Magazine
Des Moines, Iowa
John Walter writes a conservation column each month for Successful Farming’s 1.3 million readers.