2001 National Wetlands Awards Recipients

Louis Armin-Hoiland

Arcata High School
Arcata, California
Jolly Giant Creek is a small waterway running along the western boundary of Arcata High School, where Louis Armin-Hoiland teaches biology.

Mike and Cathy McNeil

McNeil Ranch
Monte Vista, California
When Mike McNeil heads out to check his cattle on a March day, he’s likely to see amongst his grazing animals some of the 20-30,000 sandhill cranes and perhaps even rare whooping cranes that visit his ranch during their northerly migration.

Ken Brunswick

Friends of the Limberlost
Geneva, Indiana
After a rainy night in 1976, Ken Brunswick awoke one April morning and saw hundreds of acres of his dairy farm flooded.

James Gosselink

Coastal Ecology Institute, Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Dr. James G. Gosselink has been a leader in wetland ecology for more than 40 years as a scientist and scholar and as a communicator of science.

Norma Flannery

Oxbow, Incorporated
Cincinnati, Ohio
In a successful organization such as Oxbow, Incorporated, a group of dedicated, hard-working people generally form its core.

Shannon Estenoz

World Wildlife Fund, Everglades Program
Hollywood, Florida
Shannon Estenoz’s roots in the mangrove-rimmed wetlands of South Florida run deep.

Ernie Barnett

Department of Environmental Protection
Tallahassee, Florida
Ernie Barnett is the director of Ecosystem Projects with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.