1998 National Wetlands Awards Recipients

Robert E. Turner, Ph.D

Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Through his work as a professor and researcher at Louisiana State University, Gene Turner has contributed a great deal to wetland conservation and management.

Kathryn Kramer

Aquatic Outreach Institute
Richmond, California
Kathy Kramer has used her energy and enthusiasm to develop wetland and watershed education programs that have reached thousands of educators and members of the public and tens of thousands of students in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Robin Green

Hidden Creek at the Darby
West Jefferson, Ohio
As president of a development company in Central Ohio, Robin W. Green is seeking to redefine the relationship between residential developments and the environment.

Kimberly de Castro

Private Landowner
San Jose, New Mexico
Kimberly de Castro, a small business owner, has taken a 50-acre severely abused property and begun slowly but surely healing it.

Patricia and Michael McCoy, DVM

Southwest Wetlands Interpretive Association
Imperial Beach, California
Patricia and Mike McCoy have dedicated the past two decades to preserving Southern California’s wetland resources and to educating the public about their value.

Dennis L. Nelson

Project WET and the Watercourse
Bozeman, Montana
Dennis Nelson has focused his career on providing formal and informal educators with diverse, creative, and engaging teaching resources, instructional opportunities, and networking services.

Bruce G. Mountain

Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
Des Moines, Iowa
As Lands Projects Director of the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, Bruce Mountain has helped arrange real estate transactions that have resulted in the restoration of more than 14,265 acres of wetlands.

Julie Anderson

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Austin, Texas
When Julie Anderson was hired as the State Wetlands Planner by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, she faced an almost insurmountable task in this large, diverse state.