Julie Anderson
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Austin, Texas

When Julie Anderson was hired as the State Wetlands Planner by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, she faced an almost insurmountable task in this large, diverse state where 97 percent of the land is privately owned and may pride themselves on their independence and commitment to private property rights. Through an extensive public planning effort, which included regional advisory groups and countless meetings, she coordinated a process that lead to the development of the Texas Wetlands Conservation Plan. After considerable coordination with state and federal agencies, the private sector, the legislature, and endorsements by the governor, the Plan was approved in July 1997. Other noteworthy materials were developed along with the Plan, including two wetlands guides, a brochure, a video and a quarterly newsletter.

The Texas Wetlands Conservation Plan is complete, but the work is just beginning. During implementation of the Plan, Julie will coordinate the development of a site registry for landowners with properties that are available for wetlands restoration or enhancement. Other wetlands projects are in the developmental stages. With her experience in wetlands planning with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Julie has tackled the planning process with a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for her job.

— Bob Spain, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department