2015 National Wetlands Awards Recipients

Thomas R. Biebighauser

Morehead, Kentucky
Thomas R. Biebighauser has been dedicated to wetland conservation, restoration, and establishment for over 33 years.

Mary and Jon "Jay" Hardwick

Newellton, Louisiana
Mary and Jay Hardwick are partners in Hardwick Planting Company, which operates on Somerset Plantation, a large family partnership in Newellton, LA.

Dr. Jacqueline Comito

Ames, Iowa
Dr. Jacqueline Comito, an anthropologist, musician, and video producer, has been involved in wetlands education and outreach for just five years, but in that short time has produced an impressive body of high-caliber work.

Dr. Stuart E.G. Findlay

Millbrook, New York
Dr. Stuart E.G. Findlay is a senior scientist at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

David L. Davis

Richmond, Virginia
David L. Davis is the director of the Office of Wetlands and Stream protection at Virgina’s Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ).

Barbara "Maka'ala" A. Ka'aumoana

Hanalei, Hawaii
Barbara “Maka’ala” A. Ka’aumoana is the executive director of the Hanalei Watershed Hui, a community-based, nonprofit focused on the stewardship of the natural, cultural, and economic resources of the Hanalei Bay Watershed.