Dr. Stuart E.G. Findlay
Millbrook, New York

FindlayDr. Stuart E.G. Findlay is a senior scientist at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies. His research over the past 25 years on the Hudson River has benefitted the 10 million people who depend on the river for their drinking water and recreation. He has contributed to over 100 papers on freshwater ecology and restoration, focusing on the ecological functions of several near-shore habitats, with tidal freshwater wetlands a particular interest. He was instrumental in the creation of the Hudson River Environmental Conditions Observing System and designed an interpretive display at the Hudson State Historic Park that is visited by nearly 500,000 people annually. He is also dedicated to mentoring and training the next generation of scientists through his involvement with the Research Experience for Undergraduate program, a volunteer monitoring program for submerged aquatic vegetation, and by lecturing at numerous universities. He also serves on advisory committees for the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, NOAA’s Research Reserve, and EPA.