State Government

Laurel Marcus

Project Manager, California Coastal Conservancy
Oakland, California
Laurel Marcus is almost single-handedly responsible for some of the most significant coastal wetland and watershed restoration efforts in California.

Kenneth Kettenring

Administrator, New Hampshire Wetlands Board
Concord, New Hampshire
Dr. Kenneth Kettenring is an award winner in the state government category for his outstanding contributions to wetland protection in New Hampshire.

David G. Burke

Chief, Nontidal Wetlands Division, Department of Natural Resources
Annapolis, Maryland
David G. Burke has distinguished himself by the magnitude of his impact on Maryland’s wetlands.

Kenneth F. Bierly

Wetlands Program Manager, Division of State Lands
Salem, Oregon
Kenneth F. Bierly is the model of an improbable bureaucrat.

Patricia Riexinger

Wetlands Program Manager, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Albany, New York
Patricia Riexinger has worked for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) for 14 years and has headed its wetlands program for 7 years.

Arthur A. Davis

Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Arthur A Davis. has been active in natural resources protection for more than 30 years.

Robert B. Tiedmann

Ecologist, Idaho Transportation Department
Boise, Idaho
Robert B. Tiedmann has implemented remarkably innovative wetland protection initiatives during his 12 years with the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD).

Marvin Hubbell

Wetland Program Administrator, Illinois Department of Conservation
Springfield, Illinois
Marvin Hubbell has served as the Wetland Program Administrator for the Illinois Department of Conservation since 1984.