2005 National Wetlands Awards Recipients

Hazel Sinclair

Covington, Louisiana
Ms. Hazel Sinclair, a high school biology teacher and a New Orleans and southeastern Louisiana native, is passionate about nature, her state’s coastal wetlands, and public education.

Barth Crouch

Kansas Alliance for Wetlands
Salina, Kansas
Mr. Barth Crouch has spent his career monitoring and protecting wildlife species and enhancing their habitats.

Tom Foti

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission
Little Rock, Arkansas
Mr. Tom Foti’s three-decade career has had a great impact on the wetlands of Arkansas.

Neil Bien

Bien Ranch
Veblen, South Dakota
Mr. Neil Bien was the second of seven children born on land in South Dakota originally homesteaded by his great-grandmother and grandfather.

Catherine Macdonald

The Nature Conservancy of Oregon
Portland, Oregon
Ms. Catherine Macdonald was an undergraduate at Humboldt State University when she first worked with The Nature Conservancy as a volunteer preserve manager in the late 1970s.

Barbara Bedford

Cornell University
Ithaca, New York
Dr. Barbara Bedford is a senior research associate in the Department of Natural Resources of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, and is director of the Ecosystems Research Center there.

Martin Main

University of Florida
Immokalee, Florida
Dr. Martin Main, an educator and naturalist with an MS in biological oceanography, a Ph.D. in wildlife ecology, and experience in environmental policy at the national level, knows that people will not conserve what they do not understand.