2012 National Wetlands Awards Recipients

Florence LaRiviere

Citizens Committee to Complete the Refuge
Palo Alto, California
Grassroots activist Florence LaRiviere has worked countless hours to protect wetlands in the San Francisco Bay area.

Ron Brockmeyer

St. Johns River Water Management District
Palatka, Florida
Ron Brockmeyer, coastal wetland program manager for St. Johns River Water Management District, has led efforts with federal, state, and local partners over the past 18 years to rehabilitate more than 20,000 acres of severely impacted coastal wetlands.

Christopher Craft

Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana
ndiana University Janet Duey Professor of Rural Land Policy Dr. Christopher Craft is a world-renowned wetlands scientist.

John Anthony Sedgwick

Santa Fe Ranch
Nogales, Arizona
Arizona landowner John Anthony Sedgwick has collaborated with federal, state, and local partners to restore wetlands on his property.

Gary Kreamer

Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife
Smyrna, Delaware
As the education coordinator for the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Aquatic Education Center for the past 18 years, Gary Kreamer has worked in collaboration with local and state partners to develop numerous wetlands and environmental programs.

Tim Swanson

The Nature Conservancy (retired)
Bozeman, Montana
As The Nature Conservancy’s program director in southwest Montana for over a decade, Tim Swanson worked tirelessly to bring divergent interests to the table to protect land threatened with development.