Tim Swanson
The Nature Conservancy (retired)
Bozeman, Montana

As The Nature Conservancy’s program director in southwest Montana for over a decade, Tim Swanson worked tirelessly to bring divergent interests to the table to protect land threatened with development. Tim built the trust and confidence of the local ranching community, earning him a reputation as a champion of the family ranching culture of southwest Montana. As a result, more than 55% of private land in the wetland-rich Centennial Valley of southwest Montana has been protected through conservation easements. All told, Tim’s work has helped to protect almost 70,000 acres of land, including more than 11,000 acres of critical wetland habitat. In addition, Tim furthered his conservation legacy by establishing a dynamic intern program, helping to train a new generation of conservationists. Many of these interns have gone on to pursue careers in conservation across the United States. Tim retired from The Nature Conservancy in 2011.