Local Government Category

Marc Matsil

Director, Natural Resources Group - City of New York Parks and Recreation
New York, New York
It is rare to encounter individuals who combine Marc Matsil’s concern for protection, acquisition, research on, and restoration of our nation’s natural resources, with the ability to produce tangible results.

Gene Jones

Department of Community Development
Reno, Nevada
Gene Jones, the award winner in the local government category, has been a civil engineer with the city of Reno for eight years.

Steve Gordon

Senior Program Manager, Lane Council of Governments
Eugene, Oregon
Steve Gordon has been a land-use planner with Lane Council of Governments (L-COG) since 1975, where he is currently senior program manager.

Gregor I. McGregor

Chairman of governmental affairs, Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions (MACC)
Wellesley, Massachusetts
Gregor McGregor is a pioneer in environmental law and wetlands protection.

Michael A. Aurelia

Director, Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency of Greenwich
Greenwich, Connecticut
Michael Aurelia has served as director of the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency of Greenwich, Connecticut, since 1974.

Craig Todd

District Manager, Monroe Country Conservation District
Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Craig Todd has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the enforcement of wetland protection laws in Monroe County.

Laura Tessier

Program Director, Westchester County Soil and Water Conservation District
Westchester County, New York
Laura Tessier has shown extraordinary leadership in expanding an assistance program for local governments in matters of soil and water conservation to incorporate the broad-based environmental planning and review services needed to protect wetlands.