Landowner Stewardship

Mary and Jon "Jay" Hardwick

Newellton, Louisiana
Mary and Jay Hardwick are partners in Hardwick Planting Company, which operates on Somerset Plantation, a large family partnership in Newellton, LA.

Robert Zorb

Spokane, Washington
Landowner Robert Zorb has worked with federal, state, and local partners to restore his land in Washington and Idaho.

The Laszlo Family

Granger Ranches
Ennis, Montana
The Andrew and Anne Laszlo family has permanently protected more than half of their 14,000-acre ranch—making it the largest wetland and stream restoration project of its kind in the state of Montana.

Richard Thieriot

Llano Seco Ranch
San Francisco, CA
Richard Thieriot, born and raised in California, has had a passion for waterfowl and wetlands since his youth.

Valer and Josiah Austin

El Coronado Ranch
Pearce, Arizona
Mr. and Mrs. Austin have invested in the maintenance of open spaces and restoration of watersheds to promote the biodiversity of the Sonoran Desert region in southeastern Arizona.

Mark and Terry Brockway

Greater Blue Heron Wildlife Refuge
Burlington, Iowa
In January 2000, Terry and Mark Brockway purchased 1,600 acres of flood plain located at the confluence of the Skunk and Mississippi Rivers, in one of the largest and most important pools in the entire Mississippi river system.

The Higel Family

The Higel Ranch
Alamosa, Colorado
The Higel Family has owned and operated the Higel Ranch on the Rio Grande in Colorado’s San Luis Valley since the early 1900s.

Neil Bien

Bien Ranch
Veblen, South Dakota
Mr. Neil Bien was the second of seven children born on land in South Dakota originally homesteaded by his great-grandmother and grandfather.