Richard Thieriot
Llano Seco Ranch
San Francisco, CA

Richard Thieriot, born and raised in California, has had a passion for waterfowl and wetlands since his youth. The architect of a unique plan for the creation and preservation of a wildlife habitat complex in one of the most biologically rich areas remaining in California’s Central Valley, Thieriot has led efforts to restore and manage the Llano Seco Rancho.

The last of the intact Mexican Land Grants in California, the Llano Seco Rancho has been in Mr. Thieriot’s family since the 1850s. Made up of wetlands, grasslands, and oak woodlands that support a uniquely rich and diverse array of wildlife, the ranch annually supports over 500,000 ducks and 50,000 geese, along with a variety of Endangered Species and Species of Concern. Thieriot's land protection plan has led to the permanent protection of 13,679 acres of habitat by perpetual Conservation Easements, 2,634 acres owned and managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and 1,633 acres owned and managed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Among the easement lands themselves, over 1,300 acres of wetlands have been restored.

Mr. Thieriot’s work with the environmental community and the conservation arms of both the federal and state governments has led to the protection and enhancement of the ranch’s natural resources in the face of California’s rapid economic growth, while ensuring that these conservation efforts worked in conjunction with the ranch’s diverse organic cattle and farming operation. Mr. Thieriot is currenlty working on restoring the ranch's 32-acre Bedrock Field back to native grassland and oak savanna.