Outstanding Program Development

Paul Scott Hausmann

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Madison, Wisconsin
Paul Scott Hausmann and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources statewide wetland team he leads have developed and implemented a state program widely emulated for its excellence and innovation in managing and protecting wetlands.

John Beal

I’M A PAL (International Marine Association Protecting Aquatic Life) Foundation
Seattle, Washington
John Beal has been restoring habitat, streams, and wetlands for more than 25 years.

K. Angel Pilago

Kohanaiki ’Ohana
Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i
Ka’apikapika Angel Pilago is the founder and executive director of the Kohanaiki ’Ohana.

Christy Foote-Smith

Massachusetts Wetlands Restoration Program
Boston, Massachusetts
Christy Foote-Smith’s passion for wetlands began with her childhood explorations of the interdunal ponds along the southern shores of Lake Michigan.

Shannon Estenoz

World Wildlife Fund, Everglades Program
Hollywood, Florida
Shannon Estenoz’s roots in the mangrove-rimmed wetlands of South Florida run deep.

Ernie Barnett

Department of Environmental Protection
Tallahassee, Florida
Ernie Barnett is the director of Ecosystem Projects with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Roger Holmes

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Wildlife (retired)
St. Paul, Minnesota
Roger Holmes, who retired from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources this year after four decades of service to the agency, has been one of the state’s great conservationists and a national leader in wetland protection and management.

Derb Carter

Southern Environmental Law Center
When environmentalists want to protect wetlands in North and South Carolina, they seek out Derb Carter.

Dee Arntz

National Audubon Society Wetlands Campaign
Seattle, Washington
Dee Arntz co-founded the Washington Wetlands Network (Wetnet) in 1990 to link and support people and organizations working to protect wetlands.

Representative Willard Munger

Minnesota House of Representatives
Duluth, Minnesota
Representative Willard Munger has been a leader of environmental protection in Minnesota since he was elected to its legislature in 1954.