Valer and Josiah Austin
El Coronado Ranch
Pearce, Arizona

Mr. and Mrs. Austin have invested in the maintenance of open spaces and restoration of watersheds to promote the biodiversity of the Sonoran Desert region in southeastern Arizona. Their work began with restoration of more than 40 miles of washes on the El Coronado and Bar Boot Ranches. Recognizing the importance of a more regional approach, they expanded efforts to include restoration of wetland ecosystems on their ranches in San Bernardino Valley on the borderlands of the U.S. and Mexico.

The beginning of recovery of the 1.6 miles of wetlands on the San Bernardino Ranch in Sonora, Mexico is underway. In cooperation with numerous U.S. and Mexican organizations, the Austins are working on cross-border watershed management and a biological corridor initiative that will contribute to the restoration of wetland habitat.