Robert Zorb
Spokane, Washington

Landowner Robert Zorb has worked with federal, state, and local partners to restore his land in Washington and Idaho. Bob was born in the Palouse Hills of eastern Washington. As a child, he hiked and hunted along the local creeks and Palouse River. Years later, he was able to acquire some of the land he had enjoyed as a child, but something was missing. The land held few birds, deer, and waterfowl. Also missing were the grasses, shrubs, and trees he remembered from his childhood. So Bob began restoring his land. Since the late 1980s, approximately 150,000 trees and shrubs have been planted on Bob’s land, using no small amount of his own money. Bob has also improved many acres of upland and riparian wetlands through techniques he has learned on his own, through experimentation, and with the help of local and state partners. His land now abounds with birds, deer, and waterfowl. Bob’s restoration work has influenced others to consider new conservation practices. Today, at the age of 83, Bob continues to plant trees on his land.