Dennis L. Nelson
Project WET and the Watercourse
Bozeman, Montana

Dennis Nelson has focused his career on providing formal and informal educators with diverse, creative, and engaging teaching resources, instructional opportunities, and networking services. He is the founder and Executive Director of The Watercourse Program and Project WET (Water Education for Teachers), headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. Project WET has been adopted by 48 states, two U.S. islands, Canada, and the U.S. Peace Corps. In addition, he has led the development of a wetlands program; “Discover a Watershed,” a water management series; a fishing series; and a program on native waters. He believes the best wetlands education takes place at the grassroots level — in rural and urban settings, in family backyards, neighborhood parks, schools, and in conservation centers — when conducted by knowledgeable and caring parents, teachers, business and community leaders, and resource managers.

Dennis’s work has and will continue to provide scientifically based unbiased, and educationally sound materials for many generations. He is always the first to acknowledge the contributions and hard work of partners, contributors, supporters, and staff. However, the achievements of this scope and duration require a leader who can crystallize the efforts, talents, and hard work of many. In water and wetlands education, Dennis Nelson has been that leader.

— Sandra DeYonge, Project WET U.S.A.