Alicia M. Mozian
Westport, Connecticut

Alicia M. Mozian is the leader of the Sasco Brook Pollution Abatement Committee in the town of Westport. Following the closure of shellfish beds at the mouth of the brook due to poor water quality, the committee was formed in 1991 to promote collaboration and best management practices for water quality improvement. Under her purview, the Committee has helped design and guide a number of initiatives, including public outreach, infrastructure improvements, dam repair planning, and amending Westport’s water-related policy. In addition, she has dedicated her life to education, policy reform, enforcement, and funding for water quality improvement by working with the local health district, universities, and nonprofits. She serves as a Board of Director representing Fairfield County for the Connecticut Association of Conservation and Inland Wetland Commissions. She is also a board member of the Southwest Conservation District, a town representative on the Long Island Sound Assembly, and serves on the Aquarion Water Company Citizen Advisory Board.