Mark Abramson
The Bay Foundation
Los Angeles, California

Mark Abramson has dedicated the last 15 years to protecting and restoring wetlands and streams in the coastal County of Los Angeles. As the senior watershed advisor for The Bay Foundation, Mark has achieved a range of accomplishments, from leading extensive field research to engaging the public in monitoring efforts to leading the implementation of large wetland restoration projects. One of Mark’s most significant accomplishments is the 10-year effort to restore the Malibu Lagoon. The lagoon is one of the last coastal wetlands in the County, which has seen 95% of its historic wetlands destroyed. Mark was involved from the beginning – first by assisting in data collection efforts that spurred the project planning process, and then by co-chairing the 80-member stakeholder planning group, acting as on-site manager and lead biologist, and monitoring the project after it was completed. Throughout the project, Mark volunteered hundreds of hours of his time to ensure the project’s success. The project was completed in May 2013 and, since that time, a diverse community of plants and animals has returned to the lagoon. Mark is also involved in outreach and education activities, and has inspired adults and children alike to become citizen scientists and community activists for coastal habitats and wildlife.