Mark Silberstein
Elkhorn Slough Foundation
Moss Landing, California

As the director of the Elkhorn Slough Foundation for 30 years, Mark Silberstein has worked tirelessly to protect, restore, and share the Elkhorn Slough, one of California’s most significant wetland environments. Under Mark’s guidance, the Foundation has brokered 48 land transactions, protecting nearly 4000 acres of land, and has restored more than 2000 acres of coastal and estuarine habitats. Much of Mark’s success is attributable to his ability to build consensus among diverse stakeholders, working collaboratively with industry, farmers, governments, and community members to find pragmatic approaches to conservation. This has resulted in the protection of 12% of the lands in the Elkhorn Slough watershed. In addition, Mark has ensured future protection of the slough by establishing volunteer and education programs. These programs reach thousands of students and other members of the public each year, inspiring the next generation of conservationists to protect California’s coastal resources.