Todd Miller
North Carolina Coastal Federation
Newport, North Carolina

Mr. Todd Miller, founder of the North Carolina Coastal Federation (NCCF), has protected the state’s valuable coastal wetlands for three decades. Started in 1982 with the successful mobilization of fishermen and farmers that defeated a proposal to strip-mine 120,000 acres of peat bogs, the NCCF now includes 20 staff members that undertake many wetland conservation efforts, ranging from small plots that involve a handful of students or volunteers to large tracts requiring millions of dollars and complex partnerships. The organization has been involved in every major coastal policy issue in last 28 years, helped educate thousands of children and adults, restored more than 40,000 acres of estuaries and purchased almost 10,000 acres of land. Mr. Miller’s advocacy has helped develop and implement numerous laws and policies, including the NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund. In 2008, Mr. Miller’s leadership provided wetlands restoration and prevented river contamination from agricultural pollutants at the North River Farm project—one of the largest restoration project of its kind in the nation and a template for private-public partnerships and science-based ecosystem restoration. A founding member of Restore America’s Estuaries, Mr. Miller helps diverse stakeholders find common ground and is recognized for his skill in motivating citizens to be coastal stewards.