Conservation and Restoration

Alan P. Ammann

Lee, New Hampshire
As a former wildlife biologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service, and as a volunteer and consultant during his retirement, Dr. Alan P. Ammann has led an interagency effort to restore native ecosystems.

Catherine Macdonald

The Nature Conservancy of Oregon
Portland, Oregon
Ms. Catherine Macdonald was an undergraduate at Humboldt State University when she first worked with The Nature Conservancy as a volunteer preserve manager in the late 1970s.

Norman Brunswig

National Audubon Society
Harleyville, South Carolina
Mr. Brunswig grew up playing and exploring in marshes and streams at the edge of Rock Island, Illinois, and at the age of 16 decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life in the field as a wildlife biologist.

Jim Wilcox

Plumas Corporation for the Feather River Coordinated Resource Management group
Taylorsville, California
Mr. Jim Wilcox is the Senior Project and Program Manager at Plumas Corporation for the Feather River Coordinated Resource Management group.

Rio de la Vista

Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust
Del Norte, Colorado
Ms. Rio de la Vista’s trustworthy reputation, enthusiasm, and vision brings private landowners, conservation organizations, and government agencies together through creative partnerships that have protected over 27,000 acres of wetlands.

Tim Swanson

The Nature Conservancy (retired)
Bozeman, Montana
As The Nature Conservancy’s program director in southwest Montana for over a decade, Tim Swanson worked tirelessly to bring divergent interests to the table to protect land threatened with development.