Education and Outreach

Jeanne Christie

Association of State Wetland Managers
Windham, Maine
Jeanne Christie is Executive Director of the Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc., an organization dedicated to incorporating sound science into public policy.

Royal C. Gardner

Stetson University College of Law
Gulfport, Florida
Professor Royal C. Gardner is director of the Institute for Biodiversity Law and Policy and professor of law at Stetson University College of Law.

Martin Main

University of Florida
Immokalee, Florida
Dr. Martin Main, an educator and naturalist with an MS in biological oceanography, a Ph.D. in wildlife ecology, and experience in environmental policy at the national level, knows that people will not conserve what they do not understand.

Sky Lewey

Nueces River Authority
Uvalde, Texas
When Sky Lewey became the resource protection and public education associate for the Nueces River Authority in 2001, her task was daunting.

Neil Johnston

Project CATE Foundation (Conservation Action Through Education) Foundation
Mobile, Alabama
After many years of environmental and conservation activism in his private and professional life, Neil Johnston has derived his formula for environmental change and stands by it: “Educate, educate, educate.”

Robert Hastings

Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station
Hammond, Louisiana
It has been said that an excellent teacher does not educate the mind at the expense of the heart.

Louis Armin-Hoiland

Arcata High School
Arcata, California
Jolly Giant Creek is a small waterway running along the western boundary of Arcata High School, where Louis Armin-Hoiland teaches biology.

Linda Beyt

University of Louisiana College of Education
Lafayette, Louisiana
Linda Beyt discovered a passion for wetland education and began a journey that has made her an educational leader, research partner, and instructor of university faculty.

Patrick Willis

Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve
Hillsboro, Oregon
Pat Willis has phenomenal energy, vision, and a gift for making things happen.

Kathryn Kramer

Aquatic Outreach Institute
Richmond, California
Kathy Kramer has used her energy and enthusiasm to develop wetland and watershed education programs that have reached thousands of educators and members of the public and tens of thousands of students in the San Francisco Bay Area.