Education and Outreach

Wilford Cwikiel

Tip of the Mit Watershed Council
Conway, Michigan
Wilfred Cwikiel has devoted his work to making a positive impact on people’s perceptions, willingness, and ability to protect wetlands.

Sue Ellen Lyons

Holy Cross High School
New Orleans, Louisiana
During her 30-year teaching career, Sue Ellen Lyons has educated thousands of Louisiana students and citizens about the importance of wetlands and has involved them in countless conservation projects.

Leo Kenny

Reading Memorial High School
Reading, Massachusetts
Leo Kenney has been teaching science at the Reading Memorial High School in Reading, Massachusetts, for the past 23 years.

Deborah Buehler

Education Specialist, The Indianapolis Zoo
Indianapolis, Indiana
Deborah Buehler, an award winner in the Education and Outreach category, works as an Education Specialist for school programs at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Margaret H. Sedlecky

Baldwin County Board of Education
Fairhope, Alabama
Ms. Margaret Sedlecky, 25-year veteran teacher of the Baldwin County Public Schools in Alabama, instills the environmental value of wetlands in the minds of students, teachers, and the public.

Gary Kreamer

Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife
Smyrna, Delaware
As the education coordinator for the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Aquatic Education Center for the past 18 years, Gary Kreamer has worked in collaboration with local and state partners to develop numerous wetlands and environmental programs.